[GRASS5] GRASS 5 bet5a internal

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Sat Oct 30 12:03:37 EDT 1999

Greetings developers,

due to lots of new patches I have created a new internal
package GRASS 5beta5a:


The known_bugs_oct99.txt is updated as well, please check

Fixes in this internal release:
- new libes/sites.c from Bill Brown
  and update for s.in.ascii: fixes memory overflow problem

- lots of patches from Berhard Reiter,
  please check HISTORY.txt for details
   - configure.in.new	
   - src/display/devices/XDRIVER/XDRIVER24/SWITCHER.c	
   - src/general/g.region/cmd/main.c	
   - src/imagery/i.gensigset/cmd/read_data.c	
   - src/imagery/i.rectify3/cmd/protodefs.h	
   - src/mapdev/digitizers/dig_inter.h	
   - src/mapdev/v.in.tig.lndmk/globals.h	
   - src/misc/m.flip/main.c	
   - src/paint/Programs/p.map/cmd/windfile.c	
   - src/paint/Programs/p.map.new/cmd/text.h	
   - src/paint/Programs/p.map.new/cmd/windfile.c	
   - src/paint/Programs/p.map.new/cmd/regionfile.c	
   - src/ps.map/ps.map/cmd/windfile.c	
   - src/raster/r.cost/cmd/local_proto.h	
   - src/raster/r.poly/cmd/io.c	
   - src/raster/r.tiff/README	
   - src/sites/s.menu/Lib/menu_hndlr.c	
   - src/sites/s.menu/Lib/Gmakefile	
   - src/sites/s.menu/driver/Gmakefile	
   - src/sites/s.menu/driver/main.c	
   - src/sites/s.menu/site_reports/Gmakefile	
   - src/sites/s.menu/site_reports/main.c	
   - src/sites/s.territory/main.c	
   - src/include/geom/basic.h	
   - src/libes/geom/optri/internoptri.h	
   - src/sites/s.surf.rst/tree/Gmakefile	
   - src.contrib/CERL/raster/r.out.mpeg/local_proto.h	
   - src.contrib/CERL/raster/r.out.mpeg/main.c	
   - src.contrib/CERL/raster/r.out.mpeg/Gmakefile	
   - src.contrib/PURDUE/s.voronoi/sw_defs.h	
   - src.contrib/SCS/misc/m.bsplit/cmd/main.c	

- s.surf.idw updated to FP-raster, working (from mailing list)
- Gmakefiles fixed for d.area, v.autocorr
  (d.area contains a 4096 lines limitation bug!)

- moved src.contrib/GMSL/NVIZ2.2/libimage/ to
  src/libes/libimage and updated NVIZ2.2/src/Gmakefile to reflect this

So far for today


PS: Bruce: no news from the postal package... I will search in the
    institute if delivered!

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