[GRASS5] Cleanup patches for beta4

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Fri Oct 29 09:11:54 EDT 1999

Hi Bernhard!

Nice to meet you in this list!

>Really nobody from the developers reads the users lists and looks
>thorough my patches. Finally I got grass5.0beta4 compiled here on the
>alphas OSF1 v4.0d with Dec's CC using strict ANSI mode.
Thanks for the patches! You know I am reading/writing to the list
daily and try to catch everything. This should be done coordinated
by several people in my opinion, not just by me.

 > supercede my last two patch posts to the users list. The problems
 > were not fixed in the mean time, apart from three of my last patch
 > post.
Reason was, that you build your patches on beta3 although we already
had beta4m (or something). As I am currently doing all this versioning
manually (yes, we NEED an CVS, but I cannot manage that additionally),
I did not find the time to pick out the relevant changes.

Perhaps you can create an CVS for us? I am just geographer,
not programmer. This code management by hand is a hard job
which I do not want to do for much more time. On the other
hand I am afraid that suggestions get lost, therefore I am
still doing it. Beta5a will contain your changes and some
more I already got from Bill Brown and from the user's list.

O.k. - who can take care for the CVS from the team?
I cannot manage that.

If we have a versioning system a lot of problems will disappear!

Best regards


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