[GRASS5] GRASS on parallel CPUs

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Wed Apr 26 06:55:51 EDT 2000

GRASS and parallel processing                                                   
>From the current discussion it seems that GRASS                                 
does not support parallel cpu's with much effort.                               
As many GRASS users might be interested in                                      
using GRASS on clusters: I suggest to start a                                   
project for this with own mailing list. Then                                    
the current GRASS libs (or part of ot or specific                               
modules) could be re-designed for parallelized                                  
If there is interest I will create a page for it                                
and the topic-oriented mailing list "parallelGRASS"                             
(or whatever).                                                                  
It would be nice to have GRASS being the only GPL GIS                           
*and* usable on parallel cpu's.                                                 
Markus Neteler

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