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Michel Wurtz - ENGEES/CEREG mw at engees.u-strasbg.fr
Wed Apr 26 03:52:46 EDT 2000

About Grass Makefile/Compilation : I once (time of 4.2.0 ?) modified
the makefiles in order to made dynamic libraries (libxxx.so) instead
of static ones (libxxx.a).  All the .so files were put in a "lib" directory
at the same level than etc, dev, bin, scripts, ...
The whole binary tree took about one third of the space of the regular
binary distribution.  It ran also faster (launch time reduced).
If I remember correctly it took me about 3 or 4 nights to figure
out what to do, how to do it, automatically edit (shell + ed scripts),
which took many hours on my poor Pentium 100 box :-) and test the
resulting compilation (which was also a long process !)

I was forced to modify *all* the makefile, src/CMD/generic/make.mid
in addition to src/CMD/head/linux because the previous makefile sheme
was a little bit rigid. I wonder if it is still the case, and if one
can add a flag in configure option sto use dynamic libraries when

On system that can do that (Linux, Solaris and probably some others),
the benefits are evident for the binary distribution.  Of course,
this should be avoided for development, since you want be able to
run a debugger, hence use static libs. 

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