[GRASS5] Re: Notes on compiling beta6f on ALPHA

Bill Hughes bhughes at grasshoppernet.com
Fri Jan 7 21:30:39 EST 2000

Luca Palmeri <lpalmeri at ux1.unipd.it> wrote:
> With CC I get the following error, right in the
> beginning of compilation:
>   cc: Error: /export/venus6b/grass/src/src/include/gisdefs.h, line 278:
> Invalid declaration.
>   int G_fatal_error(char *,...) __attribute__ ((__noreturn__));

> I had to
> exclude i.in.erdas due to the following error:
>   main.c:48: conflicting types for `swab'

These are both mine. 

The __noreturn__ attribute was to keep -Wall happy while I was hunting
down missing return statements.  It serves no other purpose.  I think
that all of the missing return-s are now accounted for, so it's not
necessary to keep this around.  Change that prototype back to:
   int G_fatal_error(char *,...);

The i.in.erdas problem is something that I created to work around a
problem in my compiler.  I should have fixed the egcs headers instead.
Delete the offending lines (45-49) and retry the compile.

i.in.erdas, as Angus said, is not usable on Alphas.  There are alignment
issues with the data definition.  It should compile cleanly, though.  
Running it produces a segfault as it tries to use an ERDAS header that
has "only" 128 bytes.

Bill Hughes

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