[GRASS5] Poll to remove src.related stuff

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Tue May 30 17:17:44 EDT 2000

Hi Markus, hi developers,

Markus Neteler wrote:
> Dear developers,
> as we are currently starting to clean the code: Shall
> we keep the src.related section?
> src.related > more README
> Programs in this directory are NOT GRASS commands, but are public domain
> capabilities that may be useful to those advanced GRASS sites.
> gctp/
>   General Cartographic Transformation Package.  Product of USGS.
>   (MIT modified for State Plane in north-west hemisphere projections.)
> -> Limited to 0) Lat. Long.    1) UTM    2) State Plane

This package is IMHO no longer needed. The library was converted from
fortran to c and everything in that library is available within GRASS
(from proj lib and coorcnv lib). m.proj and m.datum.shift provide all
user functionality too. 
Similar functionality is in NIMA geotrans, which is public domain. See
http://www.remotesensing.org. At this time NIMA geotrans does only
compile on Solaris and Windows, but there seems to be someone working on
a linux port. 

> rim/
>   Product of UW, Seattle and Central Washington University
>   Relational Information Management system.  Freely distributable
>   dbms married to GRASS through the programs v.db.rim and s.db.rim.
> -> who is using it?
> -> Sidenote: Perhaps s.db.rim could become s.db.reclass (hi Radim!)

I do not need it. Everyone ever used this with GRASS 5.0?

> xgen/
>   Product of CERL, Purdue, and MIT.  Provides shell script writers
>   with the ability to generate graphical user interfaces via X-windows.
>   Requires X and Motif to compile.
> -> no need as XGRASS is deleted as well from standard trunk

This does not compile under linux. Although it is a nice thing to write
shell scripts with graphical input/output, nowadays this can be achieved
much simpler with tcl/tk. 
I don't think that this is related to xgrass. No need to keep it any

I would suggest to remove s.in.gps and s.out.gps in the near future too.
Is anyone using this? I could not set this up and have no clue how it
works. If someone can give me a hint?



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