[GRASS5] tcltkgrass

Andreas Lange Andreas.Lange at Rhein-Main.de
Fri May 12 10:58:02 EDT 2000


i did some minor work on tcltkgrass, i send a diff to Markus. 

In overview:
i added macro-recording. You can now save all interactivly executed
commands to a shell script and re-run or edit this script later. This
has certain limitations as only the commands and their command line
arguments are saved, so interactive commands like v.digit and many
others can not be replayed. No checks are done for running monitors etc.

html-browser support:
you can view the html-manpages in an external browser (netscape). I had
to add another key-binding (Ctrl-button2) to the "Run" button in the
menues. This works for locally stored files as well as with a intranet
web server or on the www. Works with all browsers that support the
"-remote openURL()" command (at least with netscape). 

some minor things:
xfig needed space (changed from xfig& to xfig &)
removed editing from help-windows, so you can not delete or edit this
text. Added binding to Return to close help-window. 

What are the future plans for tcltkgrass? How will the splitting of
GRASS be accomplished to tcltkgrass? Are there currently any other plans
for a GUI?

What is this "superview" stuff?
What is up with this r_mapcalc.tcl module?

Do you think that a Tcl/Tk-log-in facility for GRASS would be nice?



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