[GRASS5] Digitizer drivers in v.digit

John Huddleston jhudd at itc.nrcs.usda.gov
Thu May 11 12:41:14 EDT 2000

Markus (et al)

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> > Let the CVS users execute the command
> > 'cvs remove file-to-be-removed'
> > then the file-to-be-removed stays in the CVS repository
> > but is not longer accessible to main (HEAD) branch
> > developers.
> Mhhh, I did following:
> cd v.digit/
> rm main.c    # the old unused one
> cvs rm main.c
> mv bin_digit.c main.c
> cvs add main.c
> cvs ci -m"renamed bin_digit.c to main.c" bin_digit.c main.c

Almost, here's a full sequence with explanation.   After a 'cvs rm'
the local CVS/Entries file is changed but not the repository.  Then
after a 'cvs commit', the repository file bin_digit.c,v is moved
to a newly created (if it did not exist) directory and the local 
CVS/Entries file no longer has the bin_digit.c entry.  After the
cvs add, only the CVS/Entries files has the entry.  After a 
'cvs commit' or 'cvs ci', the CVS repository moves the Attic
file back (only if it is the same name) and increments the 
revision number, then updates your CVS/Entries file to
reflect the new revision number.   

> Looking into ATTIC shows:
> http://freegis.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/grass/src/mapdev/v.digit/Attic/
> -> bin_digit.c 
> Isn't that correct?

In the repository, the files are RCS files and end with a ',v'  The Attic
file only existed in that time frame after the remove and before
adding the new one of the same name.

> For my convenience I wrote two scripts:
>  - cvs.r.add # add a full directory with comments to CVS
>  - cvs.remove # remove a directory
> These scripts consist of many cvs add, cvs rm and cvs ci
> calls.
> Perhaps my below message from yesterday was a bit confusing
> (at least for Justin). Generally I am always using the cvs 
> commands (hopefully properly, otherwise please complain). 
> The missing commit from yesterday was due to a hardware 
> problem over here. Of course I should never announce before 
> committing! My apologies...

Sometimes announcing before commiting is good in a team
environment.  If anyone is heavily pounding on the code then
they can also let you know.
For those users who prefer a GUI interface the jCVS Java 
interface runs on all platforms with JDK1 and JDK2.  The 
WinCVS runs on Windows and uses Tcl/TK for macros.

John Huddleston

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