[GRASS5] Digitizer drivers in v.digit

John Huddleston jhudd at itc.nrcs.usda.gov
Thu May 11 10:17:41 EDT 2000

Hi Justin,

You can get information on how to use CVS from the online
help 'cvs --help-options', from the 'man cvs', and from reading
the postscript file that comes with the CVS installation.
See Chapter 5 on branching and merging.

It is true that one person can create a branch, but once
created, a team of people can work on the branch.

For example, with your working copy, execute the command
'cvs tag -b drivers-rel-1-0-v-digit'

Others, including yourself, can then access that branch
'cvs co -r drivers-rel-1-0-v-digit v.digit
assuming that the v.digit module name exists in the modules
file under CVSROOT.    If users already have a local
copy and do not want two copies on their local machine,
they can switch to the tagged version by
'cvs update -r drivers-rel-1-0-v-digit' v.digit

Once you have a local copy tied to a branch, it remains
there until you tell it do otherwise.  For instance, the
'cvs update -A v.digit'
command will bring it back to the HEAD of the repository
branch.  If you have modified files under the branch tag
though, you will; have to commit your work first or rename
the changed file before updating back to the HEAD.

Hope that gets you going.

John Huddleston

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> Concerning the CVS branch discussion; we plan to separate the interface
> from v.digit. This is going to produce many changes to the core code of
> v.digit, so should I use a separate branch? By the way, I know next to
> about CVS and haven't had time to read up on it yet. Just curious, since a
> previous post indicated users should create their own branch.
> Thank you for your time and consideration.

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