[GRASS5] Digitizer drivers in v.digit

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Thu May 11 10:51:57 EDT 2000

On Thu, May 11, 2000 at 05:09:46PM +0000, Justin Hickey wrote:
> Hello all
> We are trying to create a Tcl/tk interface for v.digit and we found some
> strange things in the code. I already mailed Markus on this but he suggested I
> mail the list as well.
> The first thing we found was that the main.c file was NOT the main program. It
> was not even compiled. The main program is in the file bin_digit.c. Markus,
> regarding your comment to me "I have renamed bin_digit.c to main.c and changed
> the Gmakefile" I did a cvs update, and although other changes have been made
> (the files I listed to you are no longer there) this particular change was not
> there. Do you want me to do this as part of our project?

sorry for the delay. I have updated the CVS now (delayed due to
hardware breakdown, new mainboard now).

Notice for all:
 Several files not used in v.digit are in v.digit/unused/ now.
 The file bin_digit.c is renamed to main.c, the Gmakefile changed
 for this. So the file structure should be (rather) clean now.

> There were "unused" files in the v.digit directory as well, and we wanted to
> delete these (after all, I like to clean up code when I can :). Markus has
> moved them to an unused directory in CVS and I recompiled v.digit without them
> and all went well (Markus, the new directory "unused" did not show up when I
> did the cvs update, is this a problem?). So in summary, we are confused about
Mhh, it should. I would like to pass the question on our CVS 
specialists :-)

Kind regards


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