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Mon Aug 13 20:23:22 EDT 2001

On Tue, Aug 14, 2001 at 01:10:07AM +0100, Glynn Clements wrote:
> Glynn Clements wrote:

> AFAICT, this is consistent with someone adding a non-branch
> releasebranch_11_april_2001_5_0_0 tag to all of the files at the head. 
> Now, clearly CVS shouldn't have allowed this to happen, but it did,

If it is a bug, maybe we have to look into a newer cvs server version
to upgrade to...

> and I'm doubtful that it can actually be undone without restoring from
> a backup (which is problematic because people have been continuing to
> commit changes).

It might be possible if the change can be made easily on the ,v
file in the repository itself.

> However, I'm currently executing
> 	cvs tag -b releasebranch_14_august_2001_5_0_0
> on what I think is a correct copy of the release branch, i.e. the one
> I had before the problem occurred, with the subsequent commits (listed
> in the ChangeLog) added.
> If this works, people should be able to get a working copy of the
> release branch with:
> 	cvs update -r releasebranch_14_august_2001_5_0_0

Thanks for making progress.
I appologise for not having enough time to look into the issue right now.


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