[GRASS5] Re: [winGRASS] BUG ps.map grid labels don't show - FIX provided

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Fri Aug 17 05:07:04 EDT 2001

Hi Mike,

On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 12:38:46PM +1000, Mike Thomas wrote:
> Hi Markus.
> Please find attached a diff output to fix for a ps.map problem in which grid
> labels are by default set to size 0 and don't show up.  I just made some
> macros for sizes and set the default to a nice 8 point size rather than 0.
> My feeling is that this should go into the 5.00 release as it is a simple
> fix and a major problem.  Note that this is a diff against out of dat code
> so the line numbers may be wrong.  I was unable to get through to the CVS
> repository to do a CVS diff.

thanks for the fix, I have applied it to CVS.
The "anonymous" CVS server is currently closed until we get the
code mess sorted out.

> I used Grass 5 (built entirely too) on Window 98 for several hours this week
> and it did not crash once.  I used the d3d test script, d.display, v.digit,
> d.rast etc as well as finding and fixing the ps.map problem.  I'm very
> pleased about this.
> On Windows, ps.map works very nicely in conjunction with gsview, as whenever
> gsview detects a file change, it updates the display whenever you make the
> window current, so you can make script changes with a Bash shell and editor,
> and get a live update to review the changes as you go.
> I've CC'ed your personal address as I've had troubles with "waiting for
> moderator" messages (in replies to the new address) from the wingrass list
> since the move.

... personally answered.

Thanks again,


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