[GRASS5] Regarding specifing projections and (NEWS) in newlocation

kapil tandon grass_team at rediffmail.com
Mon Dec 3 00:40:15 EST 2001

Dear Helena,
            Hi as i got ur mail and i am happy to know that proper support from grass is provided to users.As u know i am new to grass let me tell you that i am a software engineer and i ve been working on software like Arcview,mapinfo if we talk about gis and basically my main job is to develop applications over it for very sophisticated users.As u might be aware that in arcview or mapinfo we dont have to suggest any north,east,west,south (i.e how much my map will cover on earth).But in grass we have to define it.Though i gaved some random newsand it did opened but i am not happy as i dont know what exactly should be entered in that.So i have certain question please explain them to me in detail as  i think this will be very basic before i start working on GRASS5.

Ques1. GRASS have 3 type of projections utm,xy...etc
Please explain me what is the maximum ranges that should be entered to capture whole world in three of them and what is the major difference in them .

Ques2. Does specifying such maxranges acquire extra space for files or file size depends upon the data entered only.

Ques3. Now in general terms used in gis we call a raster file to something that is a normal image and over which we digitize .But here i think in grass its different it is stated in a manual that "It is the heart and soul of grass" though i studied about it and i have understood it also please tell me something more about it in detail
(kindly treat me as a kid who know nothing about grass and its concept).

Prob1.We tried to open a tiff file but it is not opening and an error is coming (core dumped) why this error comes is it due to the lack of hardware configuration or something else.(configuration is PII , 64 MB RAM,10 GB HDD,LINUX 7.1)ok another thing if u suggest any special configuration for grass please let me know.

Prob2.I am not able to locate any database support with grass where attribute data with an map object can be placed.Does grass has this capability if yes where if not is there  any indirect 
s happening i wont be able to digitize the scanned image
Pleaes guide me as i am expecting lot from grass.

Kapil Tandon



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