[GRASS5] Regarding vector and backdrop

kapil tandon grass_team at rediffmail.com
Fri Dec 7 06:33:17 EST 2001

Dear Friend,

     Hi its me kapil.well .......

Ques1. When we digitize in vector map keeping raster file (i.e tiff) at background i havnt located any option to save my work while digitizing though its works only when i quit. Is there anyway to do that.

Ques2. Suppose i have made all the settings for Backdrop and vector map 
a) now i want to remove a perticular back drop there is no option to do it without quiting and starting whole thing again in new way.
b) If i want to open two backdrops in different place i dont find any option to move them manually though i havnt tried but i think by registrating them will solve the problem.
c) As i read in maillist somewhere that snapping does not work fine at the scale of (1:1) but i want to digitize in that scale only is there any thing we can do about it.

Ques3. Now suppose if i have opened two vector maps how will i direct system that in which perticular vector map i am digitizing.

Ques4. As we have to define category and all when this should be done prior to digitizing or we can do it after words also. Which is the correct way.

Ques5. Please tell me can i attach labels with lines like.i have placed lot of labels on vector map but i dont know how to save it and also when i reopen it all labels are gone how can i do that. 
Please do spare some time for me.
Kapil Tandon. 

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