[GRASS5] topmodel parameters file

Helena hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Sat Dec 15 20:47:00 EST 2001

Huidae or somebody else using r.topmodel

I would like to ask whether it would be possible to add some information
about the format of the
parameters and input file to the r.topmodel page, or at least to the
where such file can be viewed without downloading the original software?

Currently it appears to me that it is impossible to run this model in
GRASS without knowing
the original program, or am I missing something?

thank you very much,


if it is Markus Neteler wrote:

> Hi,
> at time I try to understand how to intersect vector maps
> topologically correct. What I did (using the Spearfish dataset,
> latest version from the web site):
> v.patch in=soils,fields out=soilsfarms.patch
> # here v.support would print tons of warnings as expected
> v.spag -si soilsfarms.patch
> v.support soilsfarms.patch op=build
> Still many warnings appear - is intersecting not possible
> without getting attribute problems? Or am I on the wrong
> roads?
> Thanks,
>  Markus
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