[GRASS5] dxf imports

Roger S. Miller rgrmill at rt66.com
Tue Dec 18 20:41:12 EST 2001

Glynn Clements wrote:

> > The display architecture has support for text rotation, but it has
> > been disabled in a number of places. Also, the functionality isn't
> > exposed by any user program (e.g. d.text).
> >
> > If it would be useful, I can look into re-enabling the rotation
> > support, and exposing it, either with an option to d.text, or a
> > separate d.text.rotation program (the rotation persists between
> > clients).

To which Markus replied...

> When enabled, it may become possible to print text labels along
> vector lines (useful for contours on d.vect.labels). However,
> that may be a non-trivial task.

I don't know that setting one rotation for all text in a display (as
Glynn seems to be describing) is generally useful.  The text entity in
dxf files specifies a rotation (0 by default) for each instance.  That
can be done with paint labels files and ps.map.  In the only graphics
systems I've worked with (OS/2 -- similar to old Windows NT) it was very
easy to rotate text and I'm surprised that it's apparently so difficult
to do for GRASS.
> > > 3) If the answer to 2) is no then is anyone maintaining/upgrading the
> > > paint.labels package and do you expect that paint.labels (and its
> > > cousins) will be maintained in the future?
> >
> > Is there any reason for maintaining the "paint" system? AFAICT, most
> > of its functionality is available via "ps.map", and Ghostscript
> > supports far more printers than the "paint" system.
> The only usage I know is the (oldish) GRASSLinks. However, there
> is a license conflict in GRASSLinks (see other mailing list).
> Anyone using the paint driver? [MapServer does a nice job, when
> libgrass from Frank Warmerdam also supports vector and sites data,
> there is no reason to think about GRASSLinks].

The only practical use I know of for the paint system is the use of the
paint labels files in ps.map.  I need the capability provided by the
paint labels files, but I would prefer it if the files themselves could
be moved to a different location in the data base.

Roger Miller
Lee Wilson and Associates

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