[GRASS5] GRASS release critical bugs list

B. Byars Bruce_Byars at baylor.edu
Wed Feb 21 12:18:02 EST 2001

> P.S. I haven't agreed with any integration, distribution of our code with
> Blackland GRASS,
> it seems very likely that they have included the code which was already under
> GPL (e.g. r.sun).
> I like their modeling work (SWAT) and their research a lot, so I think that we
> want to
> collaborate but they must respect the GPL license. I need to read in more detail
> what they are
> doing - Bruce should be able to visit with them a clarify things in person, but
> we need to
> provide our input too.

Hi Helena,

The boys down at Blacklands know about the GPL.  But all the code they use
is from the old 4.1 release.  So I don;t think they are doing anything with the
new code.  I've asked Srini about the possibility of releasing blg as gpl since
they are issuing a completely new version with new display functions.  So I
asked him if maybe we could distribute the old one code and all.  I am to talk
to him about that again soon.  I can meet with Srini anytime so if there are
let me know.

They have basically abandoned the SWATGRASS interface so I've got it here.
Been working on it as time allows to bring it up to fp, but that's a bit of a job.
been working to get it up to SWAT 2000 standards.  Lots of inputs have
changed in the new version.  We work very closely with Jeff Arnold here on that.
It should be complete within the next 2 months.

Anything that we need addressed just let me know.


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