[GRASS5] Known Solaris 7 issues with beta 11]

Bob Covill bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
Wed Feb 21 11:11:37 EST 2001


I built GRASS last week on Solaris 7 and have put together a few notes
on the build. It was built on an Ultra Spac II w/ 500 MB mem, gcc v.

I built grass with ... --prefix=/some_other_dir  --with-socks (now

Here are my notes:

- I was able to build it as myself (not root) and specify the build

- the first problem I encountered was the script to build the man pages
is a perl script which looks for perl in /usr/bin. My perl is in
/usr/local/bin. I corrected the script an the and pages were created

- I changed the order of the CFLAGs defined in CMD/generic/make.mid so
the "-I(INCLUDE_DIR)" was in front of "$(EXTRA_CFLAGS)". This fixed the
problem where another config.h was read instead of the GRASS one in
INCLUDE_DIR. The rogue config.h from some other program should not have
been there in the first place. Changing the flags order ensured that the
correct config.h was picked up.

- I had trouble with the unix_sock.c in libes/gis with PF_LOCAL not
recognized by the version of solaris sockets installed. Eric has since
corrected this problem.

- The sockets lib was not getting included (-lsocket) in the build. It
was defined under CMD/head/head.arch with the flag "XEXTRALIBS" however
this was not being picked up by the necessary build. I added a
"-lsocket" to XDRLIB which corrcted the problem.

- After the build finished, make install failed because of unrecognized
flags (?) in the Sun tar. Fortunately, I have encountered this problem
before and I also had a version of gnu-tar which was able to install the

- NVIZ failed to install because it claimed there were no TK TCL libs.
When I examined the head.arch file the TCLTKLIBS line was empty. I added
-ltk and -ltcl and NVIZ built cleanly.

If there are any questions please let me know.
Bob Covill

Tekmap Consulting
P.O. Box 2016
Fall River, NS
B2T 1K6
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