[GRASS5] GRASS release critical bugs list

Helena hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Wed Feb 21 10:48:48 EST 2001


I checked the bugs and these are my comments:

  >r.los seems to work perfectly if the elevation data is UTM.  But if the
  elevation data is latitude-longitude, like most of my elevation data, the
  output map looks like a hollow footprint`k

I don't think that this one is RC, there are more modules which do not support
lat/long (e.g. s.surf.rst), so the manual should just say that this command does
not support
lat/long (untill somebody so desperately needs it that he/she will do it). You
can always
project your DEM to UTM or other projection and run r.los. This is lack of
rather than RC bug.

  seems doesn't work with a float number
  when use median method. It fails in -0.001 value with 3x3 window.

I tried it for various windows sizes, it does something (it does not crash),
however the results
are always the same, so it does not seem to work properly. (average method works
I use it often). It may take some time to figure out what is wrong here, so I
would not
include it into release critical unless somebody is already working on it, but
there should be
a note in the manual. Getting the
installation and compilation bugs fixed is way much more more important.

>r.to.sites -z does not output third dimension
    however r.to.sites -cz works o.k.

r.to.sites does not have -c (it is probably -a),
It worked for me (so I guess it was fixed):
r.to.sites -z sel80atest out=sel.80.test1
s.info sel.80.test1
         - - MIN - -     - - MAX - -
        dim  1  618589.000000   619213.000000   Easting
        dim  2  3470493.000000  3470875.000000  Northing
        dim  3    226.628311      242.016052    No Label

>nviz2.2: I have a surface with VERY small floating point values (ie 7.7e-011
   I've imported using r.in.ascii and all is OK in normal GRASS display.
   However, starting nviz you see the surface the right way up, then it flips
   as if all values become negative. Incr the zexagg just stretches the values
   towards the bottom of the screen. Any suggestions?

this is not a bug - the user just had to move his viewing position up.
the settings in NVIZ are such that I often need to type in much larger number
viewing position) than what the slider (is that what it is called?) allows to do
Markus you can remove this from the bugs list.

>in some circumstances viewing data in Latitude-Longitude database
   leads to partly dark surface:

I get around this dark surface for rasters with small values (which is similar
to the lat long) by increasing ambient light. I just found that when after
increasing ambient
light to see the surface I decrease it to zero, I don't get the dark surface
that I had before,
but the light works. So there is an obvious bug in lighting in NVIZ as it has
quite erratic
behavior. However this is not release critical.

I haven't found any mentioning of installation bugs or  some other problems
that were discussed in this list - is that fixed now ? (I mean the problem with
directory being a file or whatever the problem was)


P.S. I haven't agreed with any integration, distribution of our code with
Blackland GRASS,
it seems very likely that they have included the code which was already under
GPL (e.g. r.sun).
I like their modeling work (SWAT) and their research a lot, so I think that we
want to
collaborate but they must respect the GPL license. I need to read in more detail
what they are
doing - Bruce should be able to visit with them a clarify things in person, but
we need to
provide our input too.

Markus Neteler wrote:

> Dear developers,
> as we all want to get out 5.0.0. I would like to
> put your attention to:
>  http://freegis.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs.cgi/~checkout~/grass/BUGS
>   and
>  http://intevation.de/rt/webrt?q_queue=grass
> I have reordered the BUGS file to have the [RC] bugs at top.
> Please have a look at these. Is the RC status o.k., are other
> bugs RC? At time I don't know how to tag a bug as release critical in
> webrt. So there might be a few more.
> Thanks for your time,
>  Markus
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