[GRASS5] vt100 error with osx + xterm error

Justin Hickey jhickey at hpcc.nectec.or.th
Mon Feb 19 02:34:16 EST 2001

Hi Andy

andy agena wrote:
> I should add that the 'vt100' error is when I 'grass5' in an Aqua 
> terminal. If I'm in a xwindows terminal via vncviewer, the error is 
> that it can't open 'xterm.'
> Jeshua's binaries installed, but I get the following when starting 
> Starting GRASS ..
> Error opening terminal: vt100.
> Invalid resource file, removing /var/root/.grassrc5

I don't think I can help much, but looking at the code, my guess is that
the UNIX function initscr() (called within the vask library) is finding
an error. This function exits the program if there is an error after
printing a message (the "Error opening terminal:" message seems to be a
UNIX message not a Grass message). I'm not sure, but it appears that you
have a system problem as opposed to a grass problem. Anyone know more
about the initscr() call and how it works with the vask library?

Sorry I couldn't be of much help.


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