[GRASS5] grass5.0beta11 source

Andreas Lange A.C.Lange at gmx.net
Thu Feb 15 16:22:19 EST 2001

Hi Markus,

could you forward this message to the grass5-devel list?
I have still not recovered my mail-pc.

I downloaded the source tarball from 13-Feb-2001 16:23  17.8M
and compiled on different platforms and found some problems.

Please ignore the problems if they are fixed in CVS, currently i have 
no CVS access.

FreeBSD 4.2 alpha:
seems to be ok for fifos, apart from the gcc-port for FreeBSD alpha not able
to optimize (crashes with -O2!). 
couldn't really test, as the X Server is partly broken.
But apart from the vector lib problem (can't read 32bit vectors)
there are no 64bit related problems.
fifos not created, see below. 

FreeBSD 4.2 intel
seems to be ok, but can not test tcltkgrass, as 
tk is missing in default installation. 
fifos not created, see below.

Linux 2.2.14 intel / Red Hat 6.2
backing store etc. OK (KDE 1)
problem creating fifos, /usr/local/grass5/dev is the text 
of the bash script! This should be fixed. You must first 
remove /usr/local/grass5/dev and then call
.src/scripts/shells/create_fifos.sh /usr/local/grass5 manually (with root permissions)!
otherwise seems to be ok with fifos and ipc.
d.mon -L hangs forever if ipc-monitor is killed (known?).

Linux 2.2.x intel / Red Hat 7.0
Backing store ok with GNOME/sawfish
problem creating fifos.

IRIX 6.5 mips
NVIS2.2. does not compile. 
f77 is found with precedence to g77, f77 is only echoing
that a license is needed. (answers).
fifos not created.
grass5 script does not start, message is:
Sorry, I need to know a more specific terminal type than "".
(using freeware/gnu bash from a xterm)
this error comes up sometimes even when grass5 is 
started with a commandline argument for database/location/mapset.
backing store of the monitors is ok. (but slow). 
Sorry if i can not look into the above errors, but i think i should tell

For the html help page with netscape:
There is no simple catch-all solution for testing if netscape is already
running. This test could fail under many circumstances/on many platforms etc.,
so i think you should just start netscape (or another browser that supports
-remote) first, as it is described in the help text to that option. 


Andreas Lange

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