[GRASS5] Socket XDriver

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Wed Feb 14 11:23:57 EST 2001

From: "Eric G . Miller" <egm2 at jps.net>
> Okay, I think I have everything in place for people to try the sockets
> based XDRIVER.  Run ./configure --with-socks to set it up.
> Please post any problems.
> Huidae, I'd especially like your feedback since you've done so much work
> with the IPC set-up (thanks for making README.ipc so generic...).  I
> want to be sure I haven't missed anything important.
> Files to look at include:
> src/libes/raster/socket.new/io.c
> src/display/devices/XDRIVER/XDRIVER24/socket.new/SWITCHER.c
> src/display/d.mon/pgms/start.c
> src/libes/gis/unix_socks.c

Hi Eric, Hi all,

What should i do to test sockets XDriver?
it's strange, i've never seen any similar bug report on sockets XDriver.

> GRASS 5.0beta12 > d.mon start=x0
> Usage: x0 [nlev]
> No socket to connect to for monitor <x0>.
> ,/usr/local/grass5/fonts/romans^CProblem selecting x0. Will try once more
> No socket to connect to for monitor <x0>.
> ,/usr/local/grass5/fonts/romans^C
> Mapset <hdcho> in Location <loc1>
> GRASS 5.0beta12 > 

I have no clue. What about you?

And suggestions about configure option name:

	--with-fifo		fifo XDriver
	--with-ipc		ipc XDriver
	--with-socket		socket XDriver	(i think it's better)

Currently, option name is '--with-socks'. it's insonsistent.

Huidae Cho

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