[GRASS5] Sockets code

Malcolm Blue mblue at nb.sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 14 02:27:00 EST 2001


I was able to get the new sockets code
running on Cygwin.  To do this I had to
remove the '#ifndef __CYGWIN__' and
'#endif'  statements sandwiching the
FONT and TEXT case statements in
SWITCHER.c, i.e.:

#ifndef __CYGWIN__
            case FONT:
                x = Font_get(text);
                SEND(&x, sizeof(x));
            case TEXT:

After that minor fix the sockets XDRIVER
seems to run on winNT/Cygwin. So far
I've just tested with some of the basic
d.* commands: d.mon, d.rast, d.vect,
d.histogram and d.erase, but once these
were working for the IPC version the
others worked as well.

Note that, we made these same changes to
the IPC version to run it.

Good work.


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