[GRASS5] Running beta-11.2 with libncurses.so.4

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue Feb 13 14:32:06 EST 2001

  While the Red Hat package installed just fine (at least, it didn't
complain), it won't run. It's looking for libncurses.so.5, and my system has
libncurses.so.4 installed.

  I'm told that this ncurses-5.2-5.i386.rpm problem is a Red Hat problem:
they build the wrong library number with the latest package. Correcting this
is apparently a very major PITA.

  What I'd like to do is have access to the beta-11.2.src.rpm and rebuild it
on my system. That should link the libncurses.so.4 library and allow the
program to run.

  Will this work? I don't find a .src.rpm on the download page, only the
standard grass5.0beta11.2_Linux_bin.tar.gz.

  I suppose that I can build from scratch, too. What I'm seeking is the most
parsimonious (i.e, simplest, easiest, quickest) way to get a running copy of
GRASS-5 on my system.



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