[GRASS5] Mac OS X Beta 11 - 118MB!

Eric G . Miller egm2 at jps.net
Sun Feb 11 02:58:48 EST 2001

On Sat, Feb 10, 2001 at 03:10:30PM -0800, Jeshua Lacock wrote:
> Ok, well I added the -s, and did a "make distclean", "make", "make
> install, "make bindist" and shes still an ugly 118 MB.
> So I guess I will segment her and start uploading!

There's one other thing that will probably reduce the size of the
binaries.  In src/CMD/head/head.$(ARCH), remove the "-g" flag from the
COMPILE_FLAGS.  The "-g" flag tells the compiler to include debugging
symbols (things which the "-s" flag to the linker would later strip).
It should reduce the size some.  Debugging will be impossible (but it is
anyway with the '-s' flag to the linker).

Eric G. Miller <egm2 at jps.net>

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