[GRASS5] version.h

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Tue Feb 6 16:13:02 EST 2001

Hi again,

I have modified the generation of version.h file (done
in src/libes/gis/) to store it in src/include/
The identical code is removed from src/libes/coorcnv
as coorcnv can read from src/include/. Finally the
version.h is used in NVIZ.

The version.h in src/libes/coorcnv and src/libes/gis
are removed from CVS as they are build during compilation.
To be sure to get the version.h as quick as possible I
have moved upwards the position to build src/libes/gis
in src/CMD/lists/GRASS.

So we have version.h containing the GRASS version 
only once in code (should be enough) and in the place where
it should be expected (src/include/).



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