[GRASS5] Configure Warning

Eric G . Miller egm2 at jps.net
Tue Jan 30 03:48:32 EST 2001

On Mon, Jan 29, 2001 at 10:10:56PM -0800, Jeshua Lacock wrote:
> > > It finds the Tcl/Tk libs, but reports it doesn't. 
> >  
> > An unending burr in my britches... ;) 
> >  
> > I'm guessing you get that with a clean slate (i.e. does removing 
> > config.cache and re-running ./configure make a difference) ? 
> Eric, yes, you are correct.  Removing config.cache and re-running
> ./configure does not make a difference.


> > Probably another library is needed for 'ld' in the test script that
> > is generated.  Is Tk tied into the native GUI on OS X? or is it tied
> > to XFree86?  Could make a difference... 
> >  
> > Maybe: 
> >  
> > $ ldd /usr/lib/libtk8.0.so 
> >  
> > will tell you (won't work on ar archives [*.a]). 
> >  
> Mmm, I have a /usr/lib/libtk8.0.a, not /usr/lib/libtk8.0.so.  And I do
> not have a "ldd" program.  I tired:
>  $ ld /usr/lib/libtk8.0.a

No shared, just static then... ??  Still, don't know why the configure
script is failing here.  I can't imagine that the library isn't being
found, so the only other thing that I've seen to be a consistent problem
with these library checks is missing dependencies to other libraries for
the configure code compile check (can your say alliteration ;). Anyway,
it's just a matter of finding out the minimal set of other libraries
needing to be referenced in order to compile a trivial piece of code
that will successfully link to libtk.


char * TkMainWindow();
int main (void)
    return 0;

$ $(CC) trivial_code.c -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lXt -ltk8.0 -ltcl8.0

Try compiling that, optionally adding -lSM -lX11 -lICE.  If adding one
of these options makes it work where it didn't work before, I think I
know how to fix this problem (add $(X_PRE_LIBS) to ld_flags...).

> And it reports: "ld: no object files loaded"

ld != ldd. Confused?  ld is the linker (puts the object files together
and resolves library dependencies during compilation).  ldd is a program
to show shared library dependencies.  Static libraries don't have
dependency info (external references are unresolved) so it doesn't work 
on them...

Eric G. Miller <egm2 at jps.net>

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