[GRASS5] Mac OS X errors

Jeshua Lacock jeshua at SierraMaps.com
Mon Jan 29 18:22:27 EST 2001

> Hi Jeshua
> Jeshua Lacock wrote:
> > Note that I had to issue a "make real-install" for it to install; 
> > "make install" seemed to do nothing.
> Very strange - especially since "make" seems to work for you. Was there
> any output when you tried "make install"? Or did it just seem to hang?
> What happens if you remove the "@" sign before the if statement below
> (the one above the ^ symbol)?

Hello Justin,

It says: "make: `install' is up to date." and it does nothing other then return the command prompt.  It doesn't hang or apparently do anything.

> install:
>    @ # The following action MUST be a single action. That is, all lines
>    @ # except the last line must have a backslash (\) at the end to
>    @ # continue the statement. The reason for this is that Make does not
>    @ # have an exit command thus, exit terminates the shell. However, 
>    @ # Make creates a new shell for each action listed for a target.
>    @ # Therefore, the only way exit will quit Make is if there is only
>    @ # a single action for the target.
>    @ # Check if grass has been compiled, if INST_DIR is writable, and if
>    @ # grass is part of INST_DIR
>    @ if [ ! -f ${GRASS_BIN}/grass${NAME_VER} ] ; then \
>    ^   echo "ERROR: Grass has not been compiled. Try \"make\" first."; \
>        echo "  Installation aborted, exiting Make."; \
> Is anything printed out if you try "make install" now? Finally if you
> still don't see anything, then please send me your copy of your Makefile
> (not Makefile.in). 

After I removed the @ byte, it says the same thing.  I will send you the Makefile personally.  I am about to do a make clean and compile beta 11 pre 2.  I will let you know how that works.

One note, I ran the make script as root and proceeded despite the warning.  I think I am going to compile pre2 as a regular user....


Jeshua Lacock
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