Malcolm Blue mblue at nb.sympatico.ca
Mon Jan 29 18:09:35 EST 2001


I can't keep up with all of your changes to the IPC code/setup.  I will
try to test your new changes tonight on cygwin.  So far, things are
going very well.

One change that would make README.ipc more cygwin friendly is to remove
the 'which' statement which checks for grass5.  For some reason, the
cygwin developers have this in the cygwin faq:  "There is no "which"
command with Cygwin. However, you can use the bash shell builtin "type"
which does something similar."  (I do have a version of 'which' but
since it isn't part of the standard cygwin distribution, it would be
preferable to do this another way.)

I have used the following lines in my version of README.ipc to test:

     #which gmake5 > /dev/null 2>&1
     GRASS_BIN=`grep "^GRASS_BIN" Makefile | awk -F '=' '{print
     $2}i' | tr -d ' '`
     if [ ! -d $GRASS_BIN -o ! -f  $GRASS_BIN/gmake5 ]
       echo "gmake5 is not in '$GRASS_BIN'."

This will work fine as long as gmake5 is in the expected place.  If this
change is reasonable to you, can you include this in your revisions.


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