[GRASS5] path-sampling

Helena Mitasova - staff helena at gis.uiuc.edu
Sat Jan 27 17:56:23 EST 2001

When talking about future capabilities I would like to ask 
for an advice. Lubos and I would like to write modules
which would allow to build models of various processes in 2D
and 3D space  (mostly transport of sediment and pollutants,
on terrain surface, in lakes, estuaries, groundwater, etc
but applications to ecosystems and people could be possible too).
The method is described at:

We have written the core program few years ago in Fortran -
it was the fastest way to try-out the method.
Now we would like to generalize it and possibly implement it in
GRASS.  Obviously keeping it in Fortran will just cause
lot of problems with compilation.
So my question is - is anybody writing anything for GRASS
in C++? or anything else than C? or do we need to do it in C -
which is a pain because Lubos uses 2D, 3D fields a lot
and it can get messy in C. 

Any advice on how to implement this new capability 
 will be appreciated,



(you can write directly to me at helena at gis.uiuc.edu)

P.S.Markus, this is so called "embarassingly parallel"
algorithm ideally suited for parallel and distributed computing,
so when the world is ready it can be run on parallel machines 
right away - no special parallelization is needed.

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