[GRASS5] Bad Fifo! - Mac OS X

Malcolm Blue mblue at nb.sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 26 21:11:04 EST 2001

I'm  sorry.

The code in src/libes/raster/   needs to be updated as well.  You should only
need to update the io.c file in that directory.  Sorry for the extra work.
(This is the routine where the error message is generated - but both this and
the XDRIVER were changed together).


Jeshua Lacock wrote:

> On Friday, January 26, 2001, at 04:34 PM, Malcolm Blue wrote:
> > Please see the messages related to XDRIVER problems on the list.  These
> > problems were caused by an inadvertent mix of FIFO and IPC messaging  in
> > the grass libraries and the XDRIVER and the file types in the dev
> > directory.
> >
> > The XDRIVER code has been reinstated, so you should update the
> > src/display/devices/XDRIVER directory.  After that it should work for
> > you.
> Hi Malcolm,
> I just updated and compiled, and I get the same fifo error.
> Thanks,
> Jeshua Lacock
> Cartographer/Owner
> http://SierraMaps.com
> http://3dTopoMaps.com
> Telephone: (760) 935-4481

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