[GRASS5] XDRIVER problems

Malcolm Blue mblue at nb.sympatico.ca
Fri Jan 26 19:02:25 EST 2001

I've just been checking out all of the XDRIVER problem related messages
and the CVS code changes resulting from the problems.

It appears that the code changes committed to the ipc.new directories do
not include a couple of fixes that I made to SWITCHER.c and io.c.  These
will not work as they exist.

Huidae,  can you look at a couple of the changes that I had made in
order to make these run on System V IPC and cygipc, since you were the
original author of the version uploaded?

For io.c:

1.  Change references to structure msgbuff to msgbuf.  msgbug is as
defined in msg.h.
2.  Reduce the msg BUFFERSIZ from 2048 to 1024  (just a reasonable
compromise), unless there is a good reason you selected 2048.  This is
still well below the max of 4096.


1.  Change references to structure msgbuff to msgbuf.
2.  Change the sizes in the MSGIN and MSGOUT buf string to 1024.
3.  Remove the  "#ifndef __CYGWIN__"  and "#endif" sandwiching the "case
FONT:" and "case TEXT:" blocks in the switch statement.

Also,  I looked at the revisions to README.ipc and see that you have
made some of the changes that I had started to make and test this week
(plus several other nice changes).  Thanks.  These changes make it more
portable, and make it easier to set up the IPC code without having to
recompile a lot of routines.


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