r3.showdsp/NVIZ-misc was: Re: [GRASS5] NVIZ-misc

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Wed Jan 24 07:53:28 EST 2001

Hi all,

..on r3.showdspf/repaint...

Eric Miller wrote:
> It's still that it's blocked in a read (and can't respond to Xevents).          
> The hack on r3.showdspf is kind of ugly.  It screws up the terminal
> interface a little as far as command prompts.  I just hacked in a popen()
> and fork() to separate the windowing (and most everything) from the
> blocked read at the command line.  That whole program is really more proof
> of concept than full functional.  Though, it does seem to do a lot better
> now (hey, buttons actually do something!).

On Tue, Jan 23, 2001 at 04:48:31PM -0600, Helena Mitasova - staff wrote:
> -------------------------
> I found Mark Astley's notes on g3d and NVIZ as well as his 1995 version
> of NVIZ, I put it at 
> http://www2.gis.uiuc.edu:2280/modviz/grass5/
> Nviz_6_21_95.t.gz  in this GL version the rendering should work OK, 
>  nviz_bdump.text
>  g3d_notes.text
> and I found also a 1996 version (I put it on the web too)
> nviz2.0a.tar.gz this is 1996 GL version. Note that these use gsf instead of
> ogsfs
> ----------------------------------------
> >However, the ogl3d is
> >in CVS in src.contrib/GMSL/.
> that is the open gl library, the library for GL version of NVIZ is
> different and is called gsf and it is in the 1996 version. gsf does not
> have problems with masking out the data and with surfaces with small
> numbers - comparing its handling of normals and lights might be helpful in
> fixing the NVIZ problems. (Bill correct me if I am getting anything wrong
> here)

I assume that the "mkdsp" stuff and probably the volume display is
already integrated in above NVIZ/GL versions. So we might not concentrate
an r3.showdspf as a stand-alone  module, but try to integrate r3.mkdspf/
r3.showdspf into the NVIZ2.2/openGL. Of course this will be much work.


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