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Helena Mitasova - staff helena at gis.uiuc.edu
Tue Jan 23 17:48:31 EST 2001

 This is mostly for Markus, but
I am sending it to the list as they may be some stuff here useful 
for others.

I am cleaning my email today, so here are some more answers:

>Mhhh, r.basin.fill I don't have - it's not in GRASS 5.
>Please be so kind to send it for including. Maybe then I don't
>need to waste more time on r.fill.dir...

I am afraid you will have to, what I meant was r.basins.fill, it is in GRASS5
 and it does not fill the depressions but it creates subwatershed maps.

>I want to rise another question:
>Is the separation of the raster/vector/sites/imagery core modules really
>feasible and/or desirable?
>It is my personal belief that a) building shared libraries and linking
>the modules to them and b) making the specialized models (hydrology,
>simulations etc.) optional modules will be the more realistic approach.

I agree with Andreas here, the separation of core modules doesn't
really make too much sense. There should be something like basicGRASS
with functions that everybody needs and specialized modules which will
be optional - as Andreas suggested. It will require quite a bit of
discussion and input from users to find out what belongs to basicGRASS
(or GRASScore).

I found Mark Astley's notes on g3d and NVIZ as well as his 1995 version
of NVIZ, I put it at 

Nviz_6_21_95.t.gz  in this GL version the rendering should work OK, 


and I found also a 1996 version (I put it on the web too)
nviz2.0a.tar.gz this is 1996 GL version. Note that these use gsf instead of ogsf
>However, the ogl3d is
>in CVS in src.contrib/GMSL/.

that is the open gl library, the library for GL version of NVIZ is different
and is called gsf and it is in the 1996 version. gsf does not have problems
with masking out the data and with surfaces with small numbers - comparing 
its handling of normals and lights might be helpful in fixing the NVIZ problems.
(Bill correct me if I am getting anything wrong here)


I found some 3D data (pollution and precipitation) but none of them are 
really good - they are at http://www2.gis.uiuc.edu:2280/modviz/grass5/
 dave3dln.dat sap3dir.dat swiss467xyzh.dat 

>Hope you don't mind, but maybe "enforce" is not a very intuitive name
>(perhaps it is just due to my limited knowledge of English, maybe r.carve
>would be more explanatory? Just my 0.02 Euro). But it would be a nice tool
>for the hydro-section in GRASS.

r.carve sounds better, originally I meant it as a stream enforcement program,
but r.carve explains better what is being done, feel free to change it.

>may I reference your excellent report

You can reference whatever is there and you find it relevant, the reports
are not very polished because the sponsor at CERL usually cleans it up 
and prepares the final version, but I try to put there the things which
we don't have time to publish in a refereed publication (which requires
much more work).

Markus I checked our GRASS4.2 src grp.contrib where Bill put most of the stuff that 
was done at GMSlab - this is what is in there - let me know if you
need any of that (you should have most of it, if not all)
(note that there is glnviz, which is the GL SGI version and several versions
of oglnviz which is the OPEN GL version and also NVIZ which I don't know what is,
but it has some mkdspf stuff in it - Bill?.

G3D/                  d.what.sites/         r.bilin/              r.sum/
G3D.tar.gz            dsites.label.tar.gz   r.colors/             r.surf.area/
Gmakefile             glnviz/               r.dist/               r.timestamp/
NVIZ/                 htdoc/                r.enforce/            r.to.sites/
OTHER/                htmlman/              r.enforce.tar         s.info/
SG3d/                 htmlman.tar.gz        r.fastavg/            s.territory/
SG3d.raw/             libes/                r.flowfp/             s.vol.rst/
SG3dFP.tar.gz         mapcalc.tar           r.in.arc/             s.vol.rst.1/
TOFIX                 newprogs              r.in.dted/            s.volt.rst/
d.leg.thin/           oglnviz/              r.in.pbm/             src3d/
d.pan/                oglnviz.1/            r.out.mpeg/           v.to.rast2/
d.siter/              oglnviz.2/            r.out.ppm/            xganim/
d.sites.label/        p.vrml1.1/            r.out.xyz/
d.sites.qual/         p.vrml1.1.tar         r.slope.aspect/

these are all versions of the libraries - Bill can you advise which would be
useful to store with Markus so that they don't get lost/forgotten?

<modra.gis.uiuc.edu>:/GRASS.src/4.2/grp.contrib/libes 244> ls
Gmakefile   dspf.tar    g3d.orig/   gsf2/       ogsf/       ogsf.2/
dspf/       g3d/        gsf/        odspf/      ogsf.1/


sorry for a lot of long emails today,


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