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Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Tue Jan 23 14:10:52 EST 2001


On Tue, Jan 23, 2001 at 12:07:34PM -0600, Helena Mitasova - staff wrote:
> Markus,
> 1. r.enforce takes a line vector data set (such as streams) and
> "carves it" into the DEM with a given depth and width.
> See the result at
> http://www2.gis.uiuc.edu:2280/modviz/reports/cerl99/rep99.html
> Figure 5

-> http://www2.gis.uiuc.edu:2280/modviz/reports/cerl99/demstr.gif
This one is exactly what I need for my current seminar on
hydrological applications :-)

Hope you don't mind, but maybe "enforce" is not a very intuitive name
(perhaps it is just due to my limited knowledge of English, maybe r.carve
would be more explanatory? Just my 0.02 Euro). But it would be a nice tool
for the hydro-section in GRASS.

> There was supposed to be a manual for it in appendix,
> Bill if you could write a little man page for it that would be great.
To assist writing man-pages, Michel Wurtz has written a nice 

> 2. I found v.to.rast2 in one of our versions of GRASS - it outputs
> the direction of line in the cell where the line is (as an aspect angle)
> instead of just 1. The angle of course depends on how the line was
> digitized. After little testing this could be merged or replace
> the old v.to.rast (maybe a flag would allow the user to select whether
> he wants 1 or angle). It is useful for many transport applications as
> it allows to provide info about preferential flow direction (in streams,
> channels, drainage, along roads etc.). 
> it is at http://www2.gis.uiuc.edu:2280/modviz/grass5/vtorastangle.tar 
> Please include it in GRASS5.1 for future development
> I will put some pictures on the web illustrating what it does and
> what it is useful for.
This sounds even very good! I will catch it for 5.1. Thank you very much.
To merge it with old v.to.rast would be the best (to reduce number of

> 3.> What is rcontourbeta4? Anything improved?
> >It seems to generate identical output.
> No, it should be the same one that you have - if your error message 
> (which should be changed to warning probably) was a real bug and caused
> r.contour to create bad output, this would be the version that
> works - but you obviously already have it.
It was an error not causing troubles. I have added a "Finished." to the
module so that the user recognizes that this error doesn't break the
process. The contours are looking fine (however, there is a comment of
David in BUGS file).

> 4. Bill can you please put the SGI GL version of NVIZ where
> the lights work (I believe that we called it nv and it was in
> our FP GRASS4.2) and where there is the floetracing in what-is-here
> If you cannot do it anytime soon, let me know, I will try to find it.
> Helena

Thanks for your comments and contributions,


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