[GRASS5] sites: bug in G_sites routines?

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Fri Jan 19 16:06:17 EST 2001

Hi all,

currently I am facing several problems with site lists.
Different lists are not accepted with different sites modules.
It seems to be a weak point at time (can't remember that is
was so weak).

Note: The s.in.dbf I have updated again to write the variable
types somewhat ordered (first int/float, then strings). But
this doesn't change the behaviour of some modules.

Some examples:

1. A map imported with s.in.shape. It is a single line map for this 


desc|Imported from points shapefile punkte.shp.
3569150.00000005|5772499.99979246|#1 %1 %3569150 %5772500 %19931031 %1 @N00AK8Y @155

d.sites punkte
ERROR: ebuf 3569150.00000005 nbuf 5772499.99979246

However: s.info accepts.
 s.info punkte
WARNING: Invalid absolute datetime format
Total sites read: 1
Total sites outside region: 0
punkte read.

2. Large tables drive s.info to sleep:
s.info sitesmap2
NDIM=2, RTYPE = -1, NSTR=11, NDEC=29
[nothing happens, CPU=100%, debug output says, that the file is not
 fully read, however usually a "Bad format" error would occur]

d.sites sitesmap2
ERROR: ebuf 3570018 nbuf 5766419

s.univar sitesmap2         
number of points 0

3. s.proj on sitesmap2
  projects 1/3 of this map (result is written), then goto sleep as well.

This is somewhat unusual and confusing. I would be glad if someone of
 - could experiment a bit with large tables, too
 - try the s.in.dbf (doesn't use G_sites functions yet, but the format
   should be o.k.)

4. small tables with different types of variables imported with
   s.in.dbf are *no* problem. Only large ones...

The line length is below the 4k limit.
I know that the sites format is not a spreadsheet/dbms replacement.
But it should work at least slowly :-)

Ideas would be welcome!


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