[GRASS5] grass5.0beta

Justin Saarinen jsaarine at ufl.edu
Wed Jan 17 11:11:05 EST 2001


I re- tarred the grass tarball in the /opt/grass5sources directory.  The
tar -xvf command did not uncompress a directory called grass5.0beta10 in
the /opt/grass5sources directory. It did make the following directories:
txt. There is a file called grass5 in the directory but it is only a
file of an unkown type. What am I doing wrong? Is there a problem with
the gzip file I downloaded?


Justin S.

Malcolm Blue wrote:

> Justin,
> If you gunzipped and untarred the beta 10 files correctly, they should
> be in a directory called grass5.0beta10 directly under the directory
> where you ran the tar command.
> I assume that you followed the directions, and, substituting the beta
> version number, did something like:
>         gunzip grass5.0beta10.tar.gz
>         tar -xvf grass5.0beta10.tar
> This should have created a subdirectory called grass5.0beta10 .  If
> you typed these commands correctly you should see a long list of files
> being extracted from the tar file - this takes a while.
> Then, instead of the instruction listed in the README file:
>         cd grass5.0beta
> just do
>         cd grass5.0beta10
> Look at the INSTALL file in that directory for further information.
> Malcolm
>> Hello GRASS list:
>> I am a new user hoping to learn the hydro simulation modeling capabilities of
>> GRASS as well as its spatial stat components. I am attempting to install GRASS
>> 5.0 beta10 to a RedHat7.0 linux box. I have gunzipped and tared the files and am
>> ready to install, except I don't know where to run the ./configure and make
>> install commands. I cannot find the grass5.0beta directory as documented. Where
>> would this directory be? I assume in the same one as the other stuff. Anyways I
>> would appreciate your help.
>> Justin A Saarinen
>> MS Candidate
>> University of Florida Geography
>> Gainesville, Florida USA

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