[GRASS5] shift

Helena Mitasova - staff helena at gis.uiuc.edu
Tue Jan 16 21:55:09 EST 2001

>But we should put an eye on that. Helena, did you find anything
>new here? Something which could be reproduced?

No, for those data that I was able to check, the shift was
already in the data for various reasons, and one had to zoom-in
to see the shift, so the people supplying the data did not notice it
(or did not care). In one case a different elipsoid was used
and some time ago the person digitizing the data was leaning
over the digitized map moving it around as he digitized it -
tell your students not to do that - such data are unrepairable.
For the latest data, I don't know the reason yet.
With the increasing number of data available from various
sources, the mismatch between data is becomming a big bottleneck
and it for sure will be soon a hot topic in GIScience.

To conclude, there is no problem in GRASS with these shifts.


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