[GRASS5] some BUGS/missing features

Markus Neteler neteler at geog.uni-hannover.de
Thu Jan 4 12:10:04 EST 2001

Hi again,

On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 02:35:33PM +0100, Andreas Lange wrote:
> Hi,
> i wish everyone here a happy new year 2001!
> While doing some work with GRASS5.0(beta11/CVS) i discovered some minor
> BUGS and some missing features. 
> r.poly:
> r.poly respects the actual region settings, while r.line does not. 
> I think that at least for the new vector lib every module should either
> use the actual region settings or ignore them. Not sure which is better.

All raster modules are sensitive to the actual region settings. I just
have fixed r.line (io.c): G_set_window() should have been G_get_window().
Please try the updated version.
> s.buffer:
> s.buffer is missing, but html-page is still there. s.buffer is IMHO no
> longer needed, this is the same than v.circle?
> v.circle:
> v.circle does echo an error with spearfish - bugsites data, but seems to
> work ok. It says something about wrong attributes?

Please try v.bubble - should be an improved version of v.circle.
If v.bubble is the best, let's remove s.buffer and v.circle and rename
v.bubble to v.circle.
> s.to.vect:
> s.to.vect does not find bugsites at PERMANENT when in users mapset (e. g.
> 'andreas'), but does not flag this error when in interactive mode. The
> module trys always to find the file in the actual mapset, not in the
> @PERMANENT mapset. Should be a simple fix.
Mhhh, volunteers?
> v.patch: 
> v.patch uses the region info from the first vector map header and
> ignores the users region settings. As the region info from the map
> header is not reliable, this should be upgraded in a future vector lib
> redesign. 
David, Radim?
> v.to.rast:
> v.to.rast does ignore some areas when used in a very small region. 
> Something not correctly working. I have to further investigate this. May
> be some problem with the boundary resolving. 
Thanks in advance!
> d.save: 
> d.save does not work with text output (d.text), text is not saved. 
-> please report in out new RT...

> d.redraw (script): 
> d.redraw does not work with multiple frames and does not work if d.text
> is used (see d.save error).
-> please report in out new RT... When Huidae is back online, he might take
a look.
> d.what.rast:
> If using d.what.rast slope at PERMANENT in a users mapset (e. g.
> 'andreas'), it get the error: WARNING: Can't open header file for [slope
> in andreas], but works otherwise correct. I assume the header is not
> searched in the correct dir.
Perhaps similar to s.to.vect bug?
-> please report in out new RT...
> v.what/d.what.vect:
> v.what -i and d.what.vect are very similar and could be merged to one
> module? Not quite sure here.
Yes! Same thing with r.what/d.what.rast.
Or we decide that [rv].what are for script programming and
d.what.[vect|rast] are for interactive usage. Should get comparable module

> r.what/d.what.rast:
> r.what and d.what.rast are (not really) similar and could be merged to
> one module?
see above.
> gnuplot:
> v.to.gnuplot is missing, instead of html-page which is still there. 
> g.gnuplot is missing, instead of html-page, which is still there. (can't
> say if gnuplot inside GRASS is really useful). 
> The old g.gnuplot works by drawing in a GRASS monitor, which could be
> useful for creating histograms etc.
Maybe we better implement "gdchart"?
> v.alabel/v.llabel:
> v.alabel does bulk labeling of areas, v.llable does bulk labeling of
> line features. But there is no module to bulk label point features (site
> vectors in GRASS terminology). This function is needed if you want to
> intersect point features with area features (point-in-polygon test). 
v.slabel? I have added a note into TODO.
> v.cutregion:
> A module v.cutregion would be very handy to cut a vector map to the
> actual region. When i import from ascii vector files all vectors get
> imported, irrespectable if they fall into the current region or the
> whole GRASS region. This stems from the handling of the ascii header i
> think. With the new vector lib this could be handled correctly, but as a
> intermediate fix a module v.cutregion would be very useful. 
I think this is on the way for 5.1 (David, Radim?).

> Please tell me if i should feed the above bugs/missing features into the
> request tracker.
see above :-)

Thanks for your comments,


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