[GRASS5] Re: [winGRASS] cygwin and winGRASS status update (fwd)

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue Jul 3 14:03:51 EDT 2001

Markus, John, et al.:

  I sent the original message to a friend of mine who's business is
developing apps with MapInfo; I've been trying to get him to linux and GRASS
for several years now. :-)

  Anyway, I'm stepping out of the middle here and asking you winGRASS folks
to contact Glenn directly. It appears that he may be able to help arrange
for the funding needed to get the final pieces developed and in place. I am
confident -- and I think that Bill's message confirms this -- there is a
large, eager audience awaiting a working winGRASS.

Go get 'em!


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---------- Forwarded message ----------

The best place to post this would be the GISlist, which is the main "GIS"
mailing list on the planet. I'm cc'ing this to Glenn Letham (GISlist owner)
so he could tell you best how to post it for maximum effect, but everything
you need to know about all the GIS-oriented mailing lists and posting and
reading messages there can be found at
http://spatialnews.geocomm.com/community/lists/. Glenn might also be a good
one to talk to about finding a sponsor for the WinGRASS effort. He's got a
very good reputation for supporting public GIS activities and he also
manages some top-drawer resources (see http://www.gisdatadepot.com and
http://www.spatialnews.com) for reaching the public.

I'd really like to see a viable, professional, open source GIS package
appear in the Windows environment, even if only to make the COTS products
(ArcView, MapInfo, GeoMedia, etc.) stay on their toes and not get lazy. I
think that if you can get GRASS to run smoothly and be easily installable in
Windows, that will be like the first rolling pebble that leads to an

- Bill Thoen
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