[GRASS5] Re: [winGRASS] cygwin and winGRASS status update

John Huddleston jhudd at lamar.colostate.edu
Wed Jul 4 08:38:21 EDT 2001

Markus, (Cc to Andreas, Grass, WinGRASS and Glenn)

First and foremost, we have to have a stable version of Grass5
to build for the Windows environment.  If you are comfortable
that we cam make an application that is bug free and only
requires some "upgrades" then we're ready to go.

I suggest we travel to where most of the development
occurs.  This will minimize our travel costs.  Eric, Mike,
Andreas, are you all close to Markus?   I would take
off one week annual leave for this venture.   Air fares
are high now so we might want to wait until the fall.
Waiting would give us time to stabilize GRASS5.

Markus, would you identify who would make up the team?
Can we stay on campus at Hannover?  If not, find a
place and cost the arrangements and food.   We'll need
a room for discussion plus several fast computers.  Let's
start with Win2000 and then go to Windows ME next.
Depending upon time, we can discuss the 98 port.  I'll burn
a CD of my development environment and we can compare notes.

In the meantime lets identify all the parts needed to make
a WinGRASS distribution.

XDriver is one.     We purchased the X-Win32
version 5.01 but had problems running Grass and X11
applications.  I backed down to the version 4.  Go to
http://download.lycos.com/?form=advanced and search
for x-win414   There will be a list of ftp sites with the
version 4.   Andreas, this may help your xdriver situation.
The demo runs for two hours and you can evaluate it
without a purchase.

RPC is another.  I'll look into this.

Let's identify all the libraries that do not come from
http://sources.redhat.com/cygwin/ or xfree and list them.


John Huddleston
"So little time, so many issues"

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> Hi John, hi all interested in winGRASS
> (cc to grass5, gav)
> [Note: the current problem of winGRASS is the lack of a generic
>  GRASS windows driver. As using a Windows-Xserver at time, the installation
>  is pretty complicated. If a generic GRASS windows driver would be available
>  GRASS installation would become a snap]
> On Tue, Jul 03, 2001 at 07:31:27AM -0600, John Huddleston wrote:
> [...]
> > Once upon a time, I wrote to Markus about getting a small
> > team together for 3-5 days to hammer out the issues together.
> > I still think this is a good idea.   If there are funds, or if we could
> > get a sponsor for the WinGRASS version, this would help.
> > We could cut a WinGRASS CD, charge $79 (US) and help
> > defray the costs.
> I still like this idea! Even using existing GPL'ed software to
> extract their driver and modify for GRASS might be a way (gnuplot or
> similar).
> Ideas to support a winGRASS developers meeting are:
>  - find a generous sponsor (or more) to fund a GRASS monitor driver for
>    windows
>  - start to presale a WinGRASS CDROM. I am sure that *many* people would
>    purchase such a CDROM, but I am not sure how many could be sold in advance
>    to collect money for a winGRASS developers meeting.
> The German "GRASS Anwender-Vereinigung e.V." (GAV) is a forum to collect
> fundings and to donate to such projects. But at time the GAV is far away
> to sponsor such a meeting.
> Probably there is a company or institution to spend a part of their "ESRI
> tax" or whatever to push this idea?
> Markus Neteler

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