[GRASS5] internationlization and localization

Somesh Agarwal agarwal_somesh at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 11 04:11:49 EDT 2001

hi all ,
  seems like the activity on the list as gone down these days . So I
will like to the
make some noise . I was thinking about the internationlization and
of GRASS and I think for that we have to i18n and l10n the GUI interface
GRASS ,  since TK is not supporting the unicode standard etc so should
we write the interface in GTK , it will make it look cool , as good as
any other
GUI util .
Or since XML things in GRASS are beginning to look beautiful now should
we go for
an XML based (XUL I mean) gui , which I think will work propery accross
the plat forms .
(even mac people will be happy)

What say people , it is high for the internationlization and
localization of darling GRASS.


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