[GRASS5] internationlization and localization

Robert Lagacé lagace at grr.ulaval.ca
Wed Jul 11 16:25:50 EDT 2001

Somesh Agarwal wrote:
> hi all ,
>   seems like the activity on the list as gone down these days . So I
> will like to the
> make some noise . I was thinking about the internationlization and
> localization
> of GRASS and I think for that we have to i18n and l10n the GUI interface
> of
> GRASS ,  since TK is not supporting the unicode standard etc so should
> we write the interface in GTK , it will make it look cool , as good as
> any other
> GUI util .
> Or since XML things in GRASS are beginning to look beautiful now should
> we go for
> an XML based (XUL I mean) gui , which I think will work propery accross
> the plat forms .
> (even mac people will be happy)
> What say people , it is high for the internationlization and
> localization of darling GRASS.

I suggest that we use Python and wxPython who already support 
internationalization with unicode and gettext.  We also get the 
benefit to support Windows without extra.  See the WEB sites 
to get more information.

Python : http://www.python.org/

wxPython :  http://wxpython.org/

wxWindows (the GUI of wxPython) : http://wxwindows.org/
Some GRASS developers are already using Python (some XML).

Python is a scripting language similar to TCL (but more powerfull) 
and wxPython is a GUI base on wxWindows which is multiplaform.  
wxWindows is a layer of GUI abstraction implemented over GTK,
Motif, Windows and Mac (with delay).

> somesh
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