[GRASS5] [bug #767] (grass) installing grass on mac os x

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Sun Jul 22 22:45:02 EDT 2001

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Subject: installing grass on mac os x

Platform: Mac OS X
Xwindows version: Xfree 4.0.x
grass downloaded at: Baylor site
grass binary for platform: Mac OS X binaries

I can't get past first base!  I downloaded all the binaries and merged 
them with cat.  When I try to use the grass5install.sh script, it gives me 
an error using gunzip (invalid compressed data--format violated).

I downloaded all the files twice, once with a browser and the second 
time with FTP in I (binary) mode.  Both times yielded the same results.  
What am I doing wrong?

>> Transcript of sh session:

root# sh grass5install.sh grass5.0beta11_Darwin_bin.tar.gz
GRASS GIS 5 binary package installation tool

Checking and creating installation directory...
Using gunzip decompressor...
The package grass5.0beta11_Darwin_bin.tar.gz seems to be o.k.

Installing GRASS binaries into /usr/local/grass5

Uncompressing the package and extracting to target directory...
grass5install.sh: read-only variable: PWD [217]
tar: Invalid header, starting valid header search.

gunzip: /Users/troy/documents/grass/
grass5.0beta11_Darwin_bin.tar.gz: invalid compressed data--format 
tar: End of archive volume 1 reached
An error occured or user break while installing binaries! Exiting.

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