[GRASS5] Bugtracker usage.

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
Fri Jul 27 10:59:07 EDT 2001

Just took a look at the bug-tracker for GRASS running at:

It looks like we should utilise it a little bit more.

All developers with cvs write access should have access to the
bugtracker. Mail me if you do not know how to log in there.

To all developers: Please check if bugs are already cleared out
or try to get back to the person reporting the bugs for more details
if we cannot resolve it?

Help us to keep the bug-tracker clean and useful.
	+ If you have more information on a bug make sure that it is 
		inserted in the bug-tracker.

	+ If you plan to fix the bug or it is in your responsibility,
	please "take" the bug.

Yesterday I killed a couple of these nasty spams for a start.


Professional Service around Free Software                (intevation.net)  
The FreeGIS Project				            (freegis.org)
Association for a Free Informational Infrastructure            (ffii.org)
FSF Europe					      (www.fsfeurope.org)
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