[GRASS5] Bugtracker usage.

Helena hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Fri Jul 27 20:32:36 EDT 2001


you are right - I looked at the bug tracker and it needs some serious
clean-up. I tried to go through it and sort it a little bit out -
here is what I managed to find out:

(I don't have permissions for doing modifications in the bug reports
(and I probably should not have as I am not a programmer) and I don't
want to bother Markus with this - so maybe you or somebody else who
has a permission can double check what I have found and remove/close
those bugs that are fixed or are not bugs.

Some bugs do not seem to be bugs, just people not having things
properly installed - those should be removed - e.g

755,753, 219, 199

this seems to be feature rather than bug

some are related to pretty old versions of GRASS and/or appear to be fixed
(I cannot tell as they are out of my range of expertise
269 (5beta1?), 261, 195

this seems to be fixed
252, 230 (it works for me in pre1), 112, 108

I contacted the user that reported r.slope.aspect bug (756)
that I may possibly fix to get some more info (I don't have the problem
that he reports)

On a separate issue - as we are getting up and running GRASS here
 I found that people are dowloading all kinds of versions
of GRASS thinking that they have the latest one:
e.g. dowload cvs (march2001?) and then update (probably incorrectly) so
e.g. nviz script did not get updated
or downloading beta11 (is it still there?)
It would be good to minimize the versions that are out there or make
it more prone to people installing old versions and/or not updating
Maybe keep just weekly CVS snapshot so that the CVS version is never
older than the latest release?

It appears clear to me that I should get 5.0.0.pre1 or cvs snapshot
but somehow not everybody is doing that.



Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> Just took a look at the bug-tracker for GRASS running at:
>         http://intevation.de/rt/webrt/?q_queue=grass
> It looks like we should utilise it a little bit more.
> All developers with cvs write access should have access to the
> bugtracker. Mail me if you do not know how to log in there.
> To all developers: Please check if bugs are already cleared out
> or try to get back to the person reporting the bugs for more details
> if we cannot resolve it?
> Help us to keep the bug-tracker clean and useful.
>         + If you have more information on a bug make sure that it is
>                 inserted in the bug-tracker.
>         + If you plan to fix the bug or it is in your responsibility,
>         please "take" the bug.
> Yesterday I killed a couple of these nasty spams for a start.
>         Bernhard
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