[GRASS5] C++ and GRASS

Robert Lagacé lagace at grr.ulaval.ca
Mon Jul 30 16:04:01 EDT 2001

Helena wrote:
> >
> I am meeting with collegues from comp. science at Duke who have developed
> some great open source
> tools for GIS. It is in C++. I would greatly appreciate any feedback that
> you could give me about
> the use of C++ for GRASS modules/libraries, in particular - has anybody
> done it or doing it?
> Is it desirable or should all the code be in C to minimize compilation
> problems?

I would like to know about their work (WEB site).  We need a good 
vector library.  I started some search and found a few (all in C++).

For myself, I am confortable with C++.  

Helena, can you give me some feedback.


> thanks,
> Helena
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