[GRASS5] [bug #825] (grass) r.poly doesn't write label points correctly

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Thu Nov 8 17:25:53 EST 2001

this bug's URL: http://intevation.de/rt/webrt?serial_num=825

Subject: r.poly doesn't write label points correctly

Platform: Linux/Intel
grass downloaded at: CVS Server, Germany
grass sources source: yes, I am using the latest GRASS from CVS


obviously r.poly doesn't calculate the label point positions
correctly (stored in dig_att) which leads to label problems.

It even fails with a simple test pattern:

Generate test pattern:
 r.mapcalc testpat="if( (10*sin(2*row()) + 10*sin(2*col())) > 0.,null(),1)"
 d.rast testpat
 r.poly in=testpat out=testpat
 v.support testpat
 -> warning PNT_IN_AREA appears which shouldn't

When converting the dig_att/testpat to a sites list, the 
label positions are quite strange.
I would expect the centers of the pattern.

 v.to.rast in=testpat out=testpat2
 d.rast testpat2

 -> one pattern is missing

It would be nice to have that fixed...


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