[GRASS5] Re: [GRASSLIST:2638] d.his-d.shadedmap manual inconsistencies

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Thu Nov 8 12:36:52 EST 2001

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JWDougherty wrote:

> I have run into a minor (?) inconsistency in the documentation and 
> implementation of "d.his" between tcltkgrass and the command and 
> documentation available for the command.
> In tcltkgrass one of the raster menu commands is for displaying a shaded 
> raster map.  The title in the command window is "d.shadedmap."  I can't find 
> any help or other information on this command in the manual files, or in the 
> doc files, nor does it seem to be listed in the help files accessed by 
> tcltkgrass.  However, this command in tcltkgrass seems to be an alias to the  
> d.his.  The GUI command window offers an option for saving the new map as a 
> file, but using that produces an error.  The resulting message indicates that 
> the usage for "d.his" accepts three parameters for hue, intensity, and 
> saturation, and that "out" is not a valid parameter.  In the online manual 
> there is no "out" parameter listed for d.his.  However, in the the gzipped 
> PDF reference manual entry for d.his, "out" IS a valid parameter.  Tcltkgrass 
> seems to be following the PDF documentation rather than the present 
> implementation of d.his.


d.his was split into d.his and r.his; the latter can be used to create
new R/G/B raster layers (which can then be merged using r.composite).

However, the tcltkgrass interface wasn't updated.

I'll remove the "out" parameter from the d.his/d.shadedmap modules.

Some points for discussion:

1. Should the menu entries be changed to call d.his rather than
d.shadedmap? The latter doesn't exist outside of tcltkgrass, and has
no manual page or help file.

2. Or should d.his just be renamed to d.shadedmap? d.his is something
of a misnomer; it doesn't actually correspond to what is normally
meant by "HIS" (aka "HSV", "HSB").

3. Presumably there should be a menu entry for r.his (and r.composite,
and anything else which has been added recently).

4. Is the syntax for r.his (separate options for the R/G/B output
layers) sensible? Or should there be a single option for the "base"
name, to which ".r", ".g" and ".b" are appended?

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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