[GRASS5] v.digit fixed (and another wish and a bug)

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Sat Nov 17 08:24:47 EST 2001


I think I have fixed the "NOTE: 1 new node needed" bug in v.digit.
The problem was that the number of points needed for snapped lines
was not reduced in

(fixed). Radim, can you update for the grass51/ library?

Additionally I have
 - improved the related messages in v.digit (feel free to modify again)
 - changed to always get a threshold recommendation when entering a
   unacceptable snapping threshold (was restricted to digitizing boards)

Please test the fixes (compile the diglib first).

Now a wish: Is it possible to make the cursor center in v.digit transparent?
That would be a great help when digitizing polygons and setting the last =
first point.

Another bug not yet fixed is:
When digitizing areas, the internal line type seems to stay "line", not
area for the category labels. Also the label point is not correctly set
for areas when using the auto-label feature: the point is on the
area border, not within the area (will cause topological troubles).
This must be fixed in my opinion.



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